Caravel seriesIBM i (AS/400) migration service


CaravelWhat is Caravel series?

IBM i (AS/400) is the machine that has high performance and high availability, users have developped a big quantity of business logics in their machine.
On the other hand, the fact has also been in many users of IBM i that the latest system document does not exist and/or the migration/modernization from IBM i is quite difficult because of the lack of engineers recently.
Caravel will help IBM i users by combining the main 3 services to solve the problem and to meet different requests on their migration/modernization.

01Caravel Converter

The current functionality realized in AS/400 including its appearance will be converted to Java 100% automatically and true to the original system using Caravel Framework.
This is the fastest and most efficient conversion to Java EE, RDBMS and open platforms.
Optionally, operation and appearance can be refaced to the common in Web system (with mouse operation oriented design, such as pull down menu, radio button, etc) effciently using dedicated tool.

02Caravel Express

The current functionality realized in AS/400 will be converted to Java 80-95% automatically with Framework, Coding rules and performance, specified by customer

03Caravel Insight

The current system in AS/400 will be evaluated, analyzed and documented.
Additionally, output Flowcharts and Java pseudo codes of the current system.
Manual work of rebuilding the system will become much more efficiently with Java prseudo codes.
When rebuilding, Framework specified by customer can be adopted.

Characteristics of Caravel series

[Caravel Converter]Automatic/Manual work:Automatic Category of solution:Rewrite Code:Framework Oriented Cost:Low Period:Short Effort:100 Benefit:Secure the original functionality・Very high accuracy of Conversion [Caravel Express]Automatic/Manual work:Automatic(over 80%) Category of solution:Rewriting Code:Object Oriented Cost:Medium Period:Medium Effort:200-300 Benefit:General Java coding independent from Caravel framework・Very high accuracy of Conversion [Caravel Insight]Automatic/Manual work:Automatic Category of solution:Assessment & Analysis Pseudo code output Code:- (Pseudo code) Cost:Very low Period:Very short (+Period for pseudo code assembly if needed) Effort:20 (+Period for pseudo code assembly 230-330)Benefit:Visualization of the original system・Generate Java pseudo code for each subsystem. [Reconstruction/Development from scratch]Automatic/Manual work:Manual Category of solution:Rebuilding Code:Object Oriented Cost:High Period:Long Effort: 400 - ??? (There are few success case. Even if the project is successful, it will generally be a very large investment...1,000over) Benefit:100% freely coding

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Q&AFrequently asked questions

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