Caravel seriesIBM i (AS/400) migration service


Caravel Express

Express offers a highly automatized way to Legacy Systems Rewriting.
Supported by automatic tools, Express transforms the Legacy Source to Java, taking account of customer specifications and covers all aspects: technology, architecture or coding quality.

In case of Express, building the conversion rules, called "Conversion Contract", is the first task to be achieved and the most important one.
Following this "Conversion Contract", the Express tool will be customized and the Java EE Prime automatically generated, producing a well-structured, pure Java.
Based on it, a team of Java engineers will accomplish the Manual Final Coding, with reducing a large percentage of the conversion effort.

Benefits of using Caravel Express

  • 01Create framework-independent Java code in a short period with highly automated and structured methodology.
  • 02Migration with improved productivity and maintainability after migration while maintaining safety.
  • 03Efficiently migration following the design and model of existing other systems.

Conversion Contract

All conversion rules must be specified in Conversion Contract.
The Express tool will be customized, using Json rules specification mechanism.

Conversion Contract

  • Layer organization.
  • Framework compatibility.
  • Data model rules.
  • Section and Paragraph rules.
  • Identified and defined patterns.
  • Data access methods.
  • Service access management architecture.
  • Flow model rules.
  • Legacy warnings and tips.
  • JUnit model definition.
  • Coding quality specifications.
  • Documentation rules and formats.
  • Performance optimization rules.


Express delivers up to 95% of the final Java EE code in RPG transformation, reducing the total Rewriting effort (measured in man/hours) to less than 5%.
Express also delivers up to 80% of the final Java EE code in COBOL transformation, reducing the total Rewriting effort (measured in man/hours) to less than 20%.

A conversion path open to continuous enhancement. At any time Conversion Contract can be revised and improved.
Even converted pieces already deployed in production can be reconverted in order to introduce new features and fulfill new requirements.